Every policy niche has its own set of corresponding podcasts, and foreign policy is no different. With 2020 coming to an end, I thought it would be a good idea to put out a Top 5 post about which foreign policy podcasts I found to be the most illuminating and informative.

  1. Intelligence Matters

Hosted by Michael Morell, a former Acting Director of the CIA, Intelligence Matters offers an analytical view unparalleled in other foreign policy podcasts. Each episode features experts in relevant fields covering a wide variety of topics, conflicts, and historical contexts from around the world.

The best episode…

Belarusian dissidents protest in Minsk (photo from Vasily Fedosenko (Reuters)

As widespread protests in Belarus spread and intensify across the ex-Soviet nation, some are asking the logical question of what happens if the protesters get what they want?

It is certain there have been some setbacks for the protesters along the way — news broke Tuesday morning that the de facto leader of the Belarusian opposition, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had fled Belarus with her children and top campaign staff. …

Protestors in Belarus brandish slippers, a reference to their view of President Lukashenko being like a cockroach that needs flattening (Photo from Sky News).

The anti-government demonstrations in Belarus that have plagued the Lukashenko regime this year reached their crescendo Sunday night in Minsk. Like many similarly situated movements, its leader is as politically heterodox as she has been effective.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was homemaker and former English teacher and is now the leader of the opposition to Europe’s most oppressive dictator. Mrs. …

In 2012, a small-time Libyan Salafist militia called Ansar Al-Sharia attacked American intelligence and diplomatic facilities in a city called Benghazi that most Americans had probably never heard of.

By the end of 2014 no less than ten investigations, six of which were conducted by Republican-controlled congressional committees, cleared all senior officials of the Obama administration including then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of any wrongdoing worthy of note. None of this information dissuaded congressional Republicans from running a politically motivated (albeit a successful) smear campaign against the former First Lady. …

Another big primary took place last Tuesday, and its results reflected a storyline becoming all too common. A seemingly entrenched recumbent senior Democrat, Eliot Engel, lost his primary to a younger, politically inexperienced insurgent by the name of Jamaal Bowman. There is little evidence that Engel was ideologically out of touch with his district, he was a staunchly liberal Democrat with positions to the left of median American voters on issues like healthcare and housing.

Engel lost because of a perception among his constituents that he had lost touch with his district on a personal level — that he had…

The force in modern American politics that has the greatest chance of doing irreparable harm is not an ideology per se, but rather a strategy, utilized by figues on both sides of the political spectrum.

From Bernie Sanders on the left to Donald Trump on the right, it is in full force. At first, any comparison between the two seems odd, as one is a self described “democratic socialist” and the other is a European-style right-winger.

But where the political philosophies of the two intersect are telling and indicative of both of their philosophies should be disregarded.

Both resort quasi-nationalist…

Dylan Meisner

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